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The offer of appartments and family houses on our listings and new projects change rapidly. Because of this, our website is translated with Google translate. The transalation is not correct but hopefully good enough for you to understand.    

Jacobus Recourt is a large estate agent in Amsterdam engaged in the buying and selling of houses, business properties, luxury rental homes and temporary living accommodation for expats. On this page you can find the latest offers.

Living in Amsterdam

Living in Amsterdam is more than just finding a place to live. You want the feel of life. Where to then, to find amusement? What’s the gen on accessibility and what are the ins and outs to be able to live in Amsterdam? Questions to which the specialists at Jacobus Recourt have all the right answers. They intimately know the city and those matters that confront expats. In short, a trusted representative who helps you, even though it may only be temporary, to find your niche in Amsterdam. Jacobus Recourt is a large estate agent in Amsterdam engaged in the buying and selling of houses, business properties, luxury rental homes and temporion.

Finding a home

You can surf through our listings and plan viewings by clicking the reply button in the page of the property you like. The most popular houses are rented out quickly. When you want to receive an email when new offers come available so that you can reply as first. Make sure you subscribe to our "Active Profile" for € 36,-- for 12 months, there is no recurring payment. You'll be asked if you want to keep the subscription after the first year.

Income check

The minimal renting period will be one year and after we have a subject of 1 months’ notice.
In order to be eligible to rent one of the apartments or family homes, you have to take in account our income requirement. This is different for every project. That’s the reason why we work with an indicative income requirement:

* If you are a sole wage earner, your annual income must be at least between 45 and 55 times (depending on the owner) the gross monthly rent. If you divide your gross annual income by 45 or 55, you will see which apartments you can apply for. (For instance: if the renting price is € 1000 per month, your gross annual income must be € 45 000 or € 55 000).
* If you are a dual income household, your dual income must be between 60 and 70 times the monthly rent. The applicant’s gross salary, of the person with the highest income, should be at least 40 times the monthly rent per year. The applicant with the lowest income should earn at least 25 times the gross monthly rent in a year.
* In order to be able to meet the income requirement you can add 10% of any assets you own to your gross annual income. If you wish to do so, please enclose copies of documents such as bank statements that shows these assets.

These requirements are the owners’ guidelines and are different for every owner and project!


Please check our Faq